[News] Automate.io is now a Leader in iPaaS Category on G2

Automate.io: Leader in iPaaS category of G2’s Grid

We’re honored & excited to announce that Automate.io has been named the Leader on the G2’s Grid for iPaaS Category.

G2 is the largest software marketplace that helps businesses take better purchasing decisions. Every year, G2 releases it’s Annual Fall 2020 reports listing out the leaders, high-performers & upcoming software in the respective solution category.

What does this mean?

Automate.io is rated to provide incredible product features & services and bagged the leader tag in the iPaaS category. Enterprise businesses, SMBs, Marketing Agencies & Entrepreneurs are using Automate.io to fulfill their integration needs & automate business processes. Our no-code integration platform has helped non-technical users leverage the power of automation, eliminate manual errors, and save hours of time.

In addition to that, we’ve bagged other badges like:

All G2 Badges - Automate.io
All G2 Badges - Automate.io

We’re here because of our customers & partners

Growing powerful integrations, customer satisfaction, and reliability have made us a market leader in the iPaaS category. We’ve always believed automation is the key to scaling a business by saving time from manual work. Hear directly from our customers — our product champions on what got us here:

Intuitive & easy-to-use platform

“Seamless connection between apps, easy-to-use, great features, super-responsive customer service”, says Riccardo T in this review.

“API’s taken to the full potential”, says Nuno F in this review.

Automate.io's G2 Reviews - 1
Automate.io's G2 Reviews - 1

Helping everyone from Small Businesses to Fortune 500

Create one-on integration to multi-step integration workflows with ease. Format data, add conditional logic, or time delay into your workflows.

“Since automating, we have been able to report more accurately, and have better customer support”, says Corinne in this review.

“One of the best apps ever for our business”, says Scott in this review.

Automate.io's G2 Reviews - 2
Automate.io's G2 Reviews - 2

Excellent Customer Service & Support

At Automate.io, delivering the best customer experience has always been our ritual. “Great product, great service”, says a user in this review.

Automate.io's G2 Reviews - 3
Automate.io's G2 Reviews - 3

These marketplace leader badges further validate our product’s worth & capabilities in the automation space. We’re constantly enhancing our product to serve the market & our users, because of whom we’re celebrating these badges today.

About Automate.io:

Launched in 2016, Automate.io is a leading SaaS integration platform that helps businesses become more productive by automating their mundane tasks. 30K+ users across the globe currently rely on Automate.io to connect their favorite web apps.

As our customer base grows, we’re determined to build new features & integrations on our platform that grows with all of the expanding businesses we serve.

Growth of AutomateIO
Growth of AutomateIO

About G2:

G2 is a world-leading review platform to help businesses & individuals select their software stack wisely by leveraging user reviews. to drive better purchasing decisions. With its platform, G2 aims to bring authenticity and transparency to help businesses.

Connect your cloud apps and automate marketing, sales and business workflows.

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