The internal team communication has moved to newer avenues with the emergence of digital communication channels such as Slack. With the majority of teams choosing Slack to communicate, it is essential everyone adheres to some basic Slack tips and etiquettes.

Slack is considered for instant messaging and work updates, but it gets challenging when you get bogged down in these messages and notifications.

While companies can come up with their own guidelines and etiquettes for their Slack workspace, in this post, I will brief you about some of the healthy Slack tips and tricks that every team must practice. …

Microsoft is steadily expanding its collaboration app — Microsoft Teams, all thanks to the new ‘remote’ work culture taking the front seat.

Users are turning to collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams, making it necessary to look into more ways in which Microsoft Teams can be leveraged to its full potential. We have already covered the best tips and tricks to use Microsoft Teams in our last segment.

In this segment, we will look into the best Microsoft Teams integrations to sync your work and team collaborations. …

Note: This post is a guest post by Kelly Forst, Marketing Specialist @AWeber

I’m willing to bet you wear a lot of hats.

Running a successful business means you’re also a professional juggler — of tasks, that is. There’s always something to do, and never enough time to do it.

That’s why marketing automation is so important — especially when it comes to communicating with your prospects and customers. Email marketing automation is a powerful tool to deliver the right messages, to the right people, at the right time — in a way that helps you grow your business.


Microsoft Teams has over 115 million active daily users. Thanks to the ongoing pandemic and a seismic shift to remote working, Microsoft is expanding its Teams Collaboration app more rapidly than before. So, if you are a Microsoft Teams user and looking for some interesting tips for using Microsoft Teams to make collaboration easy, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll go over various Microsoft Teams tips and tricks that will help you use Teams in a more creative and productive way.

Let’s get started.

Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks To Use in 2021

Throughout 2020, Microsoft has responded to customer demand for more features in…

Trello is a boon for marketers, solopreneurs, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to streamline their entire work. This project management tool comes with a host of power-ups that makes Trello a powerful tool for you and your team.

These power-ups are native integrations with Trello that help in syncing your work across your work apps. If your work app is not listed in the power-up list, you can always integrate it with Trello using no-code automation tools like (which incidentally is one of the power-ups in Trello to help you in such times).

In this article, we will look… Leader in iPaaS category of G2’s Grid

We’re honored & excited to announce that has been named the Leader on the G2’s Grid for iPaaS Category.

G2 is the largest software marketplace that helps businesses take better purchasing decisions. Every year, G2 releases it’s Annual Fall 2020 reports listing out the leaders, high-performers & upcoming software in the respective solution category.

What does this mean? is rated to provide incredible product features & services and bagged the leader tag in the iPaaS category. Enterprise businesses, SMBs, Marketing Agencies & Entrepreneurs are using to fulfill their integration needs & automate business processes. …

Note: This post is a guest post by Alex Birkett, Conversion Optimization & Growth Strategist @ HubSpot.

Business is an exciting game, but the truth is, any of the tasks you work on daily can be relatively mundane.

Startup founders and leaders tend to be strapped for time, wearing multiple hats, and yet there’s always something more meaningful you could be working on. Let’s dig into why you should consider automating tasks & what are the ones that you can automate!

Why should you automate tasks?

Think of all the random tasks that take your eye off the ball each week:

  • Taking data from one…

No doubt, we all have sometimes been in this space — how do I get someone’s email address? How do I send my perfect pitch to the right person and fill in my outreach pipeline?

I’m sure we all know the need to spot the right email address. The obvious one is to reach out to the right person so you can reduce the spam score of your email list & domain.

Personalization makes your cold outreach work like a breeze. In a study by Backlinko analyzing 12 million outreach emails, it’s found that emails with personalized message bodies have…

Note: This is a guest post by our Integration Partner, ShipStation — Shipping Software for E-Commerce Fulfillment.

There are many components to crafting a profitable e-commerce shipping strategy. There’s not a one size fits all approach, but there are different models & e-commerce shipping best practices to follow depending on what you sell and where your customers are.

What aspects to consider in E-Commerce Shipping?

Developing a profitable e-commerce shipping plan is dynamic, but it’s not as hard as some may think. …

We all have so much to organize in both our work lives and our personal lives. And while paper calendars can be useful, it’s impractical to carry them everywhere we go. So in 2020, it’s essential that we all use at least one calendar app.

But with so many on the market, how do you choose? To help you out, we’ve tested dozens of calendar apps on a range of devices and platforms. In this article, we’ve explained the 12 best calendar apps in 2020, that we truly think are truly best in class & functionality.

While they all take…

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